Dobi wall light

Since living spaces are generally not as spacious as before, we redesign a series of popular collections in 2015 and enable them to fit well than the original ones. DOBI is an extension from DODO, the design which was inspired by the comical bird from Alice in wonderland. Other than amending the size, the DOBI collection maintains whatever DODO has to offer, such as dip switch, the adjustable shade, etc. For those who has limited budget and living spaces, DOBI would be certainly ideal to collect.


Please note: Lead times are 8-10 weeks  

Colour-Shiny White, copper, Matt black, Matt brass, 

Light source- E14 1 X max 25w Halogen

Size- L 180mm X W 115mm X H 195mm

Model, SQ-2181WR

Feature, Adjustable lampshade