LightSTAX Junior Classic LED Illuminated Blocks, 12 Pieces

🎉 Introducing LightSTAX: Illuminating Building Blocks for Kids! 🌟

Are you ready to ignite your child's creativity and take their building adventures to a whole new level? Look no further than LightSTAX, the revolutionary building blocks that light up and bring endless possibilities to playtime!

🔦 Sparkling Features:

1️⃣ Vibrant Illumination: Each Lightstax block emits a mesmerising glow, adding a captivating element to your child's creations. Watch as their structures come to life with a beautiful array of colours!

2️⃣ Easy Assembly: Lightstax are designed with little hands in mind. With their simple interlocking system, kids can effortlessly connect the blocks together to construct anything they can imagine. Building with LightSTAX is both educational and entertaining!

3️⃣ Interactive Modes: Choose from multiple lighting modes to enhance the experience. From steady glow to pulsating patterns, your child can customize the illumination and set the mood for their creations. It's a dazzling adventure every time!

4️⃣ Expandable and Compatible: LightSTAX blocks are compatible with major building block systems, so your child can combine them with their existing sets to create even bigger and more elaborate structures. The possibilities are truly limitless!

5️⃣ STEM Learning: Lightstax not only ignite creativity but also foster STEM skills. As kids build and experiment with these illuminated blocks, they develop important skills such as problem-solving, spatial awareness, and colour recognition.

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🌈 Light Up Their World:

With LightSTAX, the possibilities for creativity and exploration are limitless. Let your child's imagination soar as they build, light up, and embark on exciting adventures. Get your LightSTAX set today and watch their eyes sparkle with joy!

🔆 LightSTAX: Building Blocks That Ignite the Imagination! 🔆



       Package contains:

  • 12 LightSTAX Blocks
  • 1 USB smart base
  • Powered by 1 USB to DC cable or 3 AAA batteries (included)